Sunday, January 26, 2014

Yearning and thoughtful

Edging up now on the completion of an application for what could turn out to be a really wonderful opportunity to learn and work 

53. This Moment, Yearning and Thoughtful

THIS moment yearning and thoughtful, sitting alone, 
It seems to me there are other men in other lands, yearning and thoughtful; 
It seems to me I can look over and behold them, in Germany, Italy, France, Spain—or far, far away, in China, or in Russia or India—talking other dialects; 
And it seems to me if I could know those men, I should become attached to them, as I do to men in my own lands; 
O I know we should be brethren and lovers,         5
I know I should be happy with them.

-From "Blades of Grass" by Walt Whitman