Thursday, August 28, 2014

Marvin Alvin Petsch

Obligatory bluebonnet patch photo, 1927
My (maternal)Grandpa was born in the storied tiny Texas town of Luckenbach on July 14, 1923. One of 12 children, he grew up on the family farm during the depression with German as his first language. He told me he and his siblings could pick 17 bales of cotton in a week; it was a different world.

l to r Pre ship off photo of Grandpa, Great-Grandmother Bertha Kuntz-Petsch, Great Aunt (Sister) Alice

He lead a long, happy life filled with friends, family, world travel and adventure the likes of which are not usually associated with accountants.
The Canon AE-1 grandpa is holding? I shoot with it still :)

 He was still working up until entering hospice care about a month ago. He passed away yesterday, on August 27, 2014, and my mother was with him. I had seen him the day before. He looked peaceful-a good death for a good man.
Grandpa was 22 when he married my grandmother. Doh.
Being a fluent German speaker, my grandfather was head of a POW camp for German soldiers near the end of WWII.
  He met my Nonna Morena in Naples, 1945. He loved her very much, carrying a picture in his wallet of her he took the day they met. It has always been hard to think of one without the other...she died about 4 years ago, with my grandpa at her side.
Nonna and Grandpa at the beach in Corpus Christi, 1957

Grief in my heart under the best possible circumstances-that someone very old and very well loved and loving is at rest.
Nonna and Grandpa sometime in the 80s?
Me n My Grandpa, Christmas 1989 :)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Fruit Juice Pitch

Pitch for fruit juice ads (print/billboards) Concept/Copy by Stephanie Onyebetor Art by Christina Ramirez tip o' the brush to Paul Cezanne

Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Certain Kind Of Death - Documentary

"Unblinking and unsettling, this documentary lays bare a mysterious
process that goes on all around us - what happens to people who die with
no next of kin.

Dead bodies in various stages of decomposition
are seen, but not played for shock factor. Instead, you learn a little
about each person, both what they were before death and what will happen
to them afterward. They are followed from the discovery of the body to
the final disposition of the remains, and each step in between."

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

New Portfolio Site...Soon...

It's in the works, in the meantime

for the latest iteration of my illustration/printmaking portfolio. 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Graphic D-Zign

Awen, a Welsh symbol/word for "Poetic Inspiration"

IRL this was a teeny tiny collage made with old print proofs and double stick tape.


For the Witte Museums "Mummies of the World" exhibit
Logo for a short lived bakery

At work, working.

I cut this design as a stencil and made this into a shirt as a present for a Germanic friend.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Yearning and thoughtful

Edging up now on the completion of an application for what could turn out to be a really wonderful opportunity to learn and work 

53. This Moment, Yearning and Thoughtful

THIS moment yearning and thoughtful, sitting alone, 
It seems to me there are other men in other lands, yearning and thoughtful; 
It seems to me I can look over and behold them, in Germany, Italy, France, Spain—or far, far away, in China, or in Russia or India—talking other dialects; 
And it seems to me if I could know those men, I should become attached to them, as I do to men in my own lands; 
O I know we should be brethren and lovers,         5
I know I should be happy with them.

-From "Blades of Grass" by Walt Whitman