Thursday, July 14, 2011

Texas Zephyr Crash

(Joe Hughes Railroad Picture archive)

I stopped in and killed some time at the antique store at the corner of Cox and Forest.

I bought a set of two photographs there, unique in their subject matter...

The first picture shows the same kind of train car (perhaps the exact same one) as the photo from 1962 at the top of the post. Both say 'PULLMAN' 'LARIAT CREST'

The third photo shows parts of a crushed car, also visible in the lower right foreground of  the second picture. I can't make out the sticker or label on the car door, except for the letters "MOSH" or "MOSA"...

Maybe the train hit the car? Maybe the photographer took a picture of debris in the ditch next to the train out of boredom?

 There was a lot information available online about the train the Texas Zephyr and it's Pullman cars online, but no mention of this crash. The line ran from Dallas to Denver beginning on August 22, 1940, and ending September 11, 1967. The Lariat Crest Pullman car was retired in 1963.

Nice photos, in any case.

Thursday, July 7, 2011



Bk XII:39-63 The House of Rumor

    There is a place at the center of the World, between the zones of earth, sea, and sky, at the boundary of the three worlds.  From here, whatever exists is seen, however far away, and every voice reaches listening ears. Rumor lives there, choosing a house for herself on a high mountain summit, adding innumerable entrances, a thousand openings, and no doors to bar the threshold. It is open night and day: and is all of sounding bronze. All rustles with noise, echoes voices, and repeats what is heard. There is no peace within: no silence anywhere. Yet there is no clamor, only the subdued murmur of voices, like the waves of the sea, if you hear them far off, or like the sound of distant thunder when Jupiter makes the dark clouds rumble.
    Crowds fill the hallways: a fickle populace comes and goes, and, mingling truth randomly with fiction, a thousand rumours wander, and confused words circulate. Of these, some fill idle ears with chatter, others carry tales, and the author adds something new to what is heard. Here is Credulity, here is rash Error, empty Delight, and alarming Fear, sudden Sedition, and Murmurings of doubtful origin. Rumour herself sees everything that happens in the heavens, throughout the ocean, and on land, and inquires about everything on earth.