Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Last night my friends and I went and waited in line outside of the Upright Citizens Brigade, hoping for tickets to a sold out David Cross show. Members of our group could be identified by their David Cross pennants, made earlier that day out of water color, ink and bubble tea straws. Eventually a woman came out and announced that the line was for Herald Night, and anyone waiting for David Cross tickets was doing so in vain.

As we were leaving, pennants in hand, our friend Zac Amico called to tell us he'd just finished doing a stand up set at Cake Shop. Therefore

So we got to see stand-up and make use of our pennants.
Private show in a hotel room with Georgi screwdrivers vs. David Cross at UCB...
I definitely think we came out ahead on this one.
Zac is going to be performing at Cake Shop again next week, so go see him.

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